Speech Pathologists



Juliana Codino, MS, PHDC-CCC-SLP

Juliana Codino, MS, CCC-SLP is voice pathologist at Lakeshore Professional Voice Center. Juliana completed her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology at the UMSA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also has a teaching degree and has been teaching Acoustical Analysis of Voice and Phonetics in the SLP undergraduate level for 11 years. Juliana completed her residency in SLP at the Argerich Hospital in the same city, where she became part of the staff and specialized in voice therapy. Juliana’s interest in voice research has inspired her to pursue a PhD; she is now a doctoral candidate for the University of Buenos Aires focusing on electroglottography. She has written chapters in two books and several research articles in scientific journals related to the specialty. She also has been a reviewer of scientific presentations in several voice conferences in Argentina. She has a background in musical theatre and enjoys singing for fun.