Speech Pathologists



Juliana Codino, MS, PHDC-CCC-SLP

Juliana Codino, PhD, CCC-SLP is the Director of Voice Pathology and supervisor of the SLP voice-centric Clinical Fellowship at Lakeshore Professional Voice Center (LPVC). At LPVC she has the pleasure to be able to take care for high-end performers, as well as the every-day voice user treating all voice, swallowing and airway disorders. Juliana has a strong interest in research, at LPVC she continues to be fairly prolific in voice studies. Juliana completed her PhD focusing on electroglottography at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Juliana has a particular interest in acoustics of voice production and has been teaching acoustical analysis of voice and phonetics for many years.

She has written chapters in books and several research articles in scientific journals related to the specialty. In addition, Juliana has been a reviewer of scientific presentations in several voice conferences and journals. She has a background in musical theater and enjoys singing for fun.


Andrew Keltz, MS, CF-SLP

Andrew Keltz, MS, CF-SLP is a clinical fellow/speech-language pathologist. He holds a master of science degree in speech language pathology from New York Medical College and a bachelor of arts degree from Northwestern University where he majored in theatre, with a certificate in music theatre. Before pursuing a career in speech language pathology, Andrew worked as a singer and an actor, performing in plays, musicals, and concerts, in regional theatres, off-Broadway, and in various concert venues in the United States and internationally in Austria, Japan, and Taiwan. Andrew’s clinical interests include assessment and treatment of the voice, as well as head and neck cancer. His research interests include vocal warm-up and rescue strategies for professional voice users. He is a certified provider of LSVT LOUD.


Annalize Sussman, MS, MM, CF-SLP

Annalize Sussman, MS, MM, CF-SLP is a clinical fellow voice pathologist specializing in voice, swallowing, and upper airway disorders. Annalize completed her master’s degree of science in speech language pathology at Columbia University and holds a master’s of music in opera and voice performance from the University of Kansas. Annalize’s professional performance experience includes singing repertoire from bel canto, modern opera, American art song, German Lieder, and musical theater. She remains passionate about singing and continued exploration of the singing voice. Her clinical interests include rehabilitation of the voice, dysphagia, and treatment of neurological disorders.