1. Get plenty of rest
  2. Speak as little as possible to preserve your voice.
  3. Stay well hydrated. Fever will cause dehydration.
  4. Use a cool mist humidifier and sit in the steam in the shower
  5. Nasal congestion will hamper your vocal resonance and make it more strenuous to speak or sing. Use saline rinses. Some nasal sprays and decongestants can help, but check with your physician.
  6. Try to control your cough. Ask your physician for help.
  7. Glycerin throat lozenges can be soothing. Avoid menthol or numbing lozenges if have to use your voice.
  8. Consider guaifenesin to help thin secretions. Check with your physician
  9. Try to keep your fever down.
  10. Recognize your voice limitations. If you have to perform/work and are extremely hoarse, consult a specialist.
  11. Be smart. Do not cause yourself a long-term vocal injury by overdoing it vocally while ill.
  12. Modify your performance to make it easier on your voice.