Allergy and Asthma Center



The department of allergy was started at Lakeshore over 30 years ago by Dr. Andrew Dzul who has always had a particular interest in rhinitis.  In 2007, Dr. Jennifer Appleyard joined Lakeshore ENT after 12 years in private practice and Lakeshore Allergy & Asthma Center was created.  Dr. Appleyard is a board certified allergist who works hand in hand with the ENTs and has the expertise to diagnose and treat a full spectrum of allergic disorders.









   - Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

   - Vasomotor rhinitis (Michigan nose)

   - Sinusitis and nasal polyposis (nonsurgical treatment)

   - Asthma and chronic cough

   - Urticaria (hives) and angioedema

   - Allergic reactions to foods, bee stings, latex, etc.

   - Hereditary angioedema


   - Allergy skin testing of inhalents, foods and stinging insects

   - Testing through blood work or radiographic imaging

   - Pulmonary function testing

   - Oral challenges

   - Expert medical treatment and nonmedical guidance

   - Immunotherapy – SCIT (allergy shots) and SLIT (oral pills)

   - Biologic injections for asthma, urticaria and nasal polyps

   - Specialty nurse instruction

   - Close collaboration with ENTs

Lakeshore Allergy & Asthma Center looks forward to meeting with you and discussing your allergy, sinus and asthma problems.  Dr. Appleyard sees patients in the Grosse Pointe and Macomb Township offices and also offers immunotherapy in the St. Clair Shores office.  Call 313-885-6367 to schedule an appointment or request one online now.