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Your voice is your primary means of communication and essential to some jobs. The expert team of professional voice specialists led by Adam D. Rubin, MD, at Lakeshore Professional Voice Center, part of Lakeshore Ear, Nose & Throat Center in St. Clair Shores, Macomb Township, Rochester, Grosse Pointe, and Sterling Heights, Michigan, provide voice therapy to restore the sound and function of your voice. If you’re looking for voice therapy with highly trained and specialized voice pathologists, call or book an appointment online today.

Voice Therapy Q & A

What problems can affect my voice?

Numerous medical conditions affecting your larynx, or voice box, can lead to voice problems.

The team of voice doctors at Lakeshore are experts who diagnose and treat the following common voice problems:

Vocal Therapy

  • Acute or chronic laryngitis
  • Vocal cord lesions
  • Nodules due to vocal cord trauma
  • Vocal cord hemorrhage
  • Vocal fold cysts
  • Vocal fold scarring
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Laryngeal cancer
  • Aging voice
  • Vocal fold paralysis
  • Spasmodic dysphonia and laryngeal tremor

For professional singers, actors, and anyone who relies heavily on their voice, these conditions can be detrimental. Having the best voice specialist is crucial, and Lakeshore has specialists who understand what you need.

What is voice therapy?

Voice therapy is similar to physical therapy, but for your voice. If you’re a singer, actor, or otherwise rely on the quality of your voice, maintaining good vocal health is vital.

At Lakeshore Professional Voice Center, a highly trained voice pathologist begins by thoroughly evaluating your voice. This may include a computerized analysis of your voice and visual examination of your vocal folds through a small camera the doctor inserts into your mouth or nose.

Then, they work with you to carefully develop a personalized therapy plan to address your specific voice needs.

Voice therapy sessions generally last about 30 minutes and take place weekly for about six to eight weeks. During your sessions, the voice pathologist guides you through exercises specially designed to target voice rehabilitation. You’re welcome to record these sessions for home practice.

Why should I choose Lakeshore for voice therapy?

Lakeshore Professional Voice Center was one of the first voice centers in the United States to take a multidisciplinary approach to voice therapy.

Vocal Therapy

Now, the team boasts leading experts such as Dr. Rubin, a former professional actor, singer, and author of “The Vocal Pitstop: Keeping Your Voice on Track,” as well as several voice pathologists and singing voice specialists.

The experts at Lakeshore are passionate about not only helping you recover from a particular voice disorder but providing resources for long-term maintenance of a healthy and strong voice. They utilize the most advanced medical technology and techniques to provide excellent care.

To learn more about how voice therapy can help you, call Lakeshore Ear, Nose & Throat Center or book an appointment online today.

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