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Welcome to the Lakeshore Professional Voice Center. We are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of voice and other laryngeal disorders. The voice is the greatest tool of self-expression and is an essential part of communication for daily life. Voice problems are common and can have dramatic physical and emotional consequences affecting a person’s quality of life. Voice changes may also be the first signs of other underlying medical problems, including cancer.

At Lakeshore Professional Voice Center we take a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of voice disorders. We have a highly specialized voice team and use state of the art equipment to care for people with complex voice problems.  The larynx, commonly known as the “voice box”, serves several vital functions. It provides an airway passage into the lungs and protects the lungs by preventing materials such as food, liquid, and saliva from entering into the lungs (aspiration).

At the Lakeshore Professional Voice Center, we treat all laryngeal disorders affecting the voice, swallowing, cough, and upper airway disorders.

Lakeshore Professional Voice Center (LPVC) is a multidisciplinary voice center. Founded by Cristina Jackson-Menaldi, PhD and Daniel Megler, M.D. in 1991, it was one of the first voice centers in the country to take a team approach to the treatment of voice disorders. Now, with a voice team led by Laryngologist, Adam D. Rubin, M.D., Lakeshore Professional Voice Center continues to be a leading institution for the treatment of voice disorders. Dr. Rubin is joined by a team of highly trained and specialized voice pathologists and singing voice specialists, who provide the highest level of care to anyone with a voice complaint.

The human voice is a marvelous instrument. It is our most effective, if not most accessible means of communication. We take great pride in treating anyone with a vocal problem, from performers, professional voice users, teachers, and anyone who needs his or her voice to do their job effectively. When voice problems impact a person’s ability to communicate they can cause significant anxiety and depression. Voice changes may also be the first signs of other underlying medical problems. The earlier one recognizes, identifies, and treats a voice disorder, the more likely one will be able to recover the function of his or her voice.

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