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A stuffy nose, or nasal congestion, is among the most common complaints in human history. The talented team of ENT physicians at Lakeshore Ear, Nose & Throat Center treat many different causes of chronic nasal congestion at their offices in St. Clair Shores, Macomb Township, Rochester, Grosse Pointe, and Sterling Heights, Michigan. If nasal congestion is a chronic problem in your life, call or book an appointment online today.

Nasal Congestion Q & A

What is nasal congestion?

Nasal congestion is another term for a runny or stuffy nose. It’s a condition that most people experience at some point in their lives, usually associated with a cold, sinus infection, or allergies.

Nasal congestion is often a temporary symptom that goes away by treating the underlying issue. However, it’s possible to have a stuffy nose all the time for no apparent reason. This is called chronic rhinitis, a condition that involves inflammation of your nasal membranes.


What causes chronic nasal congestion?

Structural issues that can cause nasal congestion include:

  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal deformity due to injury
  • Enlarged adenoids (especially in children)
  • Nasal valve collapse
  • Nasal tumors
  • Foreign bodies

Chronic nasal congestion that doesn’t involve other symptoms, such as sneezing or facial pressure, may be due to a physical obstruction in your nose.


What is a deviated septum?

Your nasal septum is the dividing wall that separates the left and right sides of your nose. The end closest to your skull is made from bone, but the front portion of your septum is firm, flexible cartilage.

The perfect nasal septum sits directly in the middle of your nose, separating your nasal passages into equal halves. However, up to 80% of all nasal septums are off-center.

A deviated septum means the septum is far enough from the midline to cause problems. The most common complaint of a deviated septum is difficulty breathing through the nose. This condition may also cause:

  • Blockage of one or both nostrils
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Frequent sinus infections
  • Nasal congestion
  • Noisy breathing during sleep

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, schedule an appointment with the team at Lakeshore Ear, Nose & Throat Center.

How is chronic nasal congestion treated?

First, your Lakeshore ENT specialist performs a thorough exam to determine the cause of your chronic nasal congestion. Treatment depends on the type and severity of your condition, and your physician takes a conservative approach to treatment, as many nasal issues improve with medication and home care.

If your condition doesn’t improve with these treatments, your doctor may recommend surgery. Lakeshore ENT surgeons are skilled in the most innovative techniques, including minimally invasive procedures, so you’re in good hands.

If you suffer from nasal congestion that extends beyond the common cold, call Lakeshore Ear, Nose & Throat Center or book an appointment online today.  

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