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Oakland University voice students learn about the importance of vocal health


Recently, more than 40 Oakland University voice students had an opportunity to learn more about their own vocal health when Dr. Adam Rubin and Dr. Juliana Codino from the Lakeshore Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Center treated them to a free baseline videostroboscopy on Nov. 11. You can read more here.


New Book with contributions from Juliana Codino, Dr. Andrew Dzul, and Dr. Adam Rubin


Written by Dr. MarĂ­a Cristina A. Jackson-Menaldi, with the collaboration of leading professionals in laryngology, otolaryngology, phoniatrics and speech therapy, including Juliana Codino, Dr. Andrew Dzul, and Dr. Adam Rubin, offers a multidisciplinary approach to the information and knowledge necessary for diagnosis and adequate treatment of the pathology of speaking and singing voice.


NATS Chat featuring Adam Rubin, M.D. and Juliana Codino CCC-SLP


This NATS Chat explores a host of relevant vocal health concerns with the laryngologist and voice pathologist at Lakeshore Professional Voice Center in Michigan. This session is co-hosted by Kari Ragan and Peggy Baroody.

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