How to Tell if You’re Suffering From Sinusitis

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You know the drill when the common cold hits. There may be as many home remedies as there are families. The inflammation and swelling that stuffs you up during a cold is called sinusitis, and those home care remedies are generally all you need, because sinusitis usually has a lifespan of 7-10 days.

However, there are times when a bacterial infection takes hold, and these stuffy conditions continue. Acute sinusitis becomes persistent, leading to more serious complications and infections, and when it extends past 12 weeks, it’s considered chronic.  

Symptoms of acute sinusitis

Virtually everyone is familiar with the symptoms of the common cold. The effects on the respiratory system define acute sinusitis. You’ll likely experience:

Other symptoms may accompany acute sinusitis. These include:

Medical attention isn’t usually required for acute sinusitis accompanying a cold. If, however, you develop a persistent and high fever, or if your symptoms don’t seem to improve in a few days, a doctor’s visit may be a good idea.

A chronic sinusitis diagnosis

The symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis are virtually identical, with the biggest exception being duration. Chronic sinusitis lasts longer and generally wears you down more, but you probably won’t have fever, as is possible with acute sinusitis.

A continuous bout of sinusitis isn’t necessary for a diagnosis of the chronic version of the condition. You could have several shorter episodes in close succession, where symptoms last longer than seven days and don’t respond well to treatment.

If you’ve seen a doctor about your sinusitis, followed their instructions, and symptoms persist, it’s likely you’ve developed chronic sinusitis.

Causes of chronic sinusitis

While acute sinusitis is most often caused by the cold virus or allergies, chronic sinusitis may have some additional problems that aggravate these reasons or cause the condition on their own. Proper drainage of the sinuses is important for the natural healing process for sinusitis, so anything that obstructs your nasal airways could contribute to the condition.

Other causes of chronic sinusitis include:

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